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“My resillience training workshop with Bernard Genge was truly inspirational and a totally fresh look at looking at yourself and how you work with life and people. It has made a huge difference to my prioritisation of essential tasks and managing my time during the day, both professionally at work and at home. I have learnt to say NO but in a good way, ensuring that my colleagues know the reason for saying no and the consequences of switching priorities with cause and effect strategy. My hours at work are 30 a week: 5 for Rheumatology consultants, 17 for Rheum CNS nurses and 8 for Parkinson’s. I also hot desk in three areas to fulfill my duties, so being organised and prioritising importance and urgent tasks is absolutely key. Bernard speaks in a way that you listen intently, waiting for his next sentence, and seeing clearly the reasons behind his theory and how it works in real life. I can honestly say the course has changed my life. I like to change my mantras. Today is “Be the energy you want to attract.” I change this every other day; I love inspirational quotes. I cannot thank Bernard enough, and the NDDH for having the foresight to use such an inspirational speaker and mentor. Simply, thank you!”

Melanie King
North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“We have known and utilised the services of ProAction Development for over 10 years; they are highly client focused and have always delivered to a high standard whatever training services we have procured with them.”
Julian Unthank, Higos Insurance Services Ltd
“Thank you, Bernard. The workshop was inspiring and I’m going home to do a weekly plan, and be proactive, not reactive. I also plan to encourage my family.”
Tracy Chillingworth, North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
“If you are looking for training solutions to fit all budgets, then speak to ProAction Development. They provide high quality, tailored training that fits with the culture of your organisation and your resources.”
Karen Bell, Alabaré Christian Care and Support
“Bernard’s resilience workshop was very inspiring and informative. I believe everybody should attend this class to gain invaluable knowledge and to know how to deal with the various aspects of resilience.”
Sarah Jenkins, North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
“As an organisation we have worked with Bernard and Amanda for many years; ProAction Development have helped in delivering many leadership and OD Development programmes. They continue to be responsive to our needs as a customer and successfully engage attendees. All the trainers have become well respected within the organisation, and the team demonstrates good technical knowledge and regularly varies how sessions are delivered to meet our requirements.”
Darryn Allcorn, North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
“A very informative workshop full of useful information and taught by a very knowledgeable teacher.”
Emma Clarke, North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

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We are a ‘not-for-private-profit’ social enterprise; our trading surpluses are invested into community-based projects that assist with social change or personal development for those that would not routinely be able to access such development. Motivational talks for charity, free training sessions for employees in local schools and free performance management systems for a local health centre are examples of such projects.

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Our Vision: To inspire change

Our Mission: To deliver results