Bite-Sized Distance Learning Programme: Influencing

Our workplaces are ever changing. One area of significant change is the move away from the hierarchical or tall organisation to a more matrix approach. Some years ago, Rummler and Brache (1998), when talking about improving performance, called this phenomena ‘how to manage the white space on the organisation chart.’ In 2016, the Kings Fund, on behalf of the NHS, produced a report on systemic leadership. It created a five-year leadership and management agenda for arguably one of the most complex of organisations. In essence, the report outlined the importance of achieving results across different business entities that have diverse objectives and priorities. Influencing is at the heart of this.


Wherever your organisation is on the spectrum, reading this overview suggests that you, or your business, have identified that the ability to influence others is important.

Our short online programme is intended to challenge your thinking about:

  • How you influence others at the moment.
  • Who you need to influence, and if you are influencing the appropriate people.
  • What you want or need to achieve when influencing others.

During our programme, we encourage participants to keep an open mind throughout and to link what they have heard or read to their own practice or activity. Then, through open-minded reflection, create their own practical action plan to move forward. This action plan may be to tweak behaviours and activities by being aware of others, and create a large change activity. In addition to the activities at the end of units one and two, there is a self-assessment quiz. The quiz provides an opportunity to conclude the unit and prepare for the next one. All units in the programme include practical activities, informational videos, fact sheets, and valuable information and tips.

Programme Overview

There are three units in the programme. The first unit: Understanding Yourself To Influence Others And Achieve Results is about you. It has 11 steps and creates an opportunity for you to think about:

  • How our communication style or styles might impact others.
  • Why self-awareness is important.
  • How confidence can impact our ability to influence others.

The second unit: Preparing To Influence Others is about others. It also has 11 steps and offers some tried and tested tools to help you reflect about:

  • What other peoples’ thinking styles or work-based preferences might be.
  • Who are the people we need to influence.
  • How the dynamics of power might impact these work-based relationships.

The third unit: Action Planning is about moving forward. It uses everything that has been reflected on, thought about or learnt during units one and two, and through the 7-Day Challenge identifies what is wanted or needed to be done next. The 7-Day Challenge can be repeated and, as a result of our experiences, it can be adapted for future progression. Furthermore, it can be applied to other work-based personal development planning.

During the programme, participants will be guided to either complete an activity or write some reflections. The idea is that these activities and reflections will add support to fulfil the 7-Day Challenge at the end of the programme.

The cost of this programme is £24.99 per person and can be accessed at any time, from any location (subject to necessary internet access) and should take approximately 10 hours to complete, including activities.

To access the programme, go to ProLearn and create an account.

For more information or if you have any problems signing up, please call 01460 61459 or email