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Real business and organisational development solutions come from people who can look with vision to the future and be totally focused on the outcomes. This is exactly what we will help your business achieve.

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Leading and Managing Change

Change is something we naturally resist, unless of course it is glaringly obvious that there are massive benefits to the change. However, in a rapidly changing world the status quo is not an option. So how do you overcome this natural resistance to change, communicate the right messages at the right time to gain buy in, structure your change so it becomes part of your culture and the way things are done in your organisation as well as allocate the time needed to make change a success? With 17 years of experience in personal and organisational change, we can help guide your change effort so that you take the right action to sustain the right change at the right pace. Change takes significant leadership and management effort; if you give this, we will provide the expertise and guidance to make it a success. Our change management programmes can be taken online or in a workshop format – whatever works best for you.

Employee Engagement

Closely allied to any change initiative is the need to create high levels of employee engagement. This is a journey that takes time, leadership and management commitment, and for many in leadership and management positions, an acceptance that you need to do things differently. You can have the best strategy, and great systems and processes, but without engaged employees, success will be elusive. The Global Perspectives Survey (ORC International) of more than 7,000 employees across 20 countries suggests UK employees have some of the lowest engagement with their jobs in the world. In fact, the UK placed 18th. In every category measured, UK employee engagement has decreased over the past 12 months. This means that there is a massive opportunity within organisations to make employee engagement a priority for success. When organisations strive towards having more engaged employees, they often only work with managers and forget about supporting the actual employees. We have therefore developed a distance learning programme on the subject of ‘Being an engaged employee.’ This, in conjunction with our employee engagement programme for managers, means that every piece of the employee engagement puzzle is in place.

Performance Management

Many organisations talk about improving performance but few have a clear strategy. For an organisation to improve its performance, it needs a combination of things in place: clear goals and objectives cascaded into the business so everyone knows what is expected of them, everyone understanding how what they are doing is helping the organisation to succeed and everyone being bought into the purpose, vision and ‘why’ of the organisation. Employees need performance-related constructive feedback, as opposed to infrequent conversations spoken through frustration. These only serve to demotivate. In addition, they need support in the form of objective and action-orientated coaching conversations from their manager/mentor, and every leader and manager should give regular performance, objective and relevant team briefings i.e. taking a proactive approach to building strong teams and working together to achieve goals. Our performance management programmes help get teams working together to take organisational performance to a whole new level: from dependence (people waiting to be told what to do and being dependent on managers) to independence (individuals and teams focused on their goals), and to interdependence where teams/departments work together to achieve the organisational vision, mission and strategic goals.


To be able to embrace change, create high levels of employee engagement and improve organisational performance, it is vital that your leaders and managers become comfortable, and then competent, at conducting coaching conversations. In order to help you create a coaching tradition within your organisation, we can train your managers so that they can influence a culture where your leaders and managers focus their conversations on objectives and action, and through accountability, develop goal-driven self-sustaining and high performing employees.

Organisational Resilience

Resilience is a term used a lot in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, but how do you create a resilient organisation? A well thought through and communicated strategy will help as well as robust systems and processes, but what will really make the difference is the resilience of your people. How would your organisation be with emotionally mature, resilient people who are focused on positive outcomes and goals, who resolve problems, who are decisive, who manage their priorities so they are focused on the truly important things, who develop fruitful relationships with their colleagues, who focus on the things they can influence rather than moaning about those things they cannot, who resolve any differences or conflict constructively and who know how to manage their stress levels? If you would like highly resilient people as a foundation for your future organisational resilience, then we can help you achieve this.

Productive Relationships At Work

Have you ever considered what it costs your organisation with unproductive resolution of disputes, problems and differences between people, office politics and miscommunication? It may cost you in terms of wasted time, loss of productivity, poor decision-making, going through the motions rather than working productively to achieve goals and employees leaving (usually the good ones leave when things are not dealt with). Research suggests that on average employees spend three hours a week on conflict. It therefore makes organisational sense to tackle this issue. We can assist you by incorporating this into your resilience priorities or by helping you create assertive employees who know how to constructively resolve conflict, have the courage to approach difficulties in a professional way and to work with others to achieve the collective goals.

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